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Membership application form

ALL new members join on a three month probationary membership, with full membership being confirmed by the Committee.  The Committee reserve the right to extend probation.

The online application below includes the request to upload a face photo for your ID card, proof of identity (passport/driving licence/FAC/SGC) and recent proof of address (utility bill/bank statement etc).  These can be securely uploaded as part of the application as a simple photo taken from your phone.  If you are not comfortable with this you may request a video call with our Membership Secretary to verify your identity; the form allows you to tick a box to request this.

Failure to complete questions truthfully could result in membership being refused and/or later revoked.
The club is obliged to inform the police of certain information contained in this form before the start of your probationary period.  If you have any questions about eligibility please email us first to discuss.

The committee reserve the right to refuse this application. 

Once your application has been received our Membership Secretary will be in touch within 7 days to request payment for your joining fee and first three months probationary membership.
Application form
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