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Get into shooting

If you are new to shooting it can seem daunting and complicated with many different disciplines; we are here to help get you started!  Our guest days provide a perfect opportunity for newcomers.  We hold twelve guest days per year providing a structured introduction to the sport.   

If you are an experienced shooter, with a FAC, and are considering joining the GTSA, you can either join us for a guest day to learn more about the club or join us directly.  Simply select the 'Experienced shooter' ticket when you book your place on our advertised guest days, or join us directly by completing a membership application.


Owing to Firearm Laws, you cannot simply turn up and hire a firearm on the day!  You must book your place, providing all the information requested.  Please read this page in full, particularly the 'How to book' section.

Minirifle rack

Guest Days 

Pairing up & safety brief

The day generally starts at 10:00 with a safety brief. Shooting is a regulated sport subject to legal controls contained in the various Firearms Acts.  Shooting is a very safe sport thanks to the strict rules followed by everyone, this briefing will set you up for a safe day.

Minirifle practical shoot

We will get you shooting a few rounds as soon as possible. Minirifle shooting is a good introduction to the various different disciplines that are on offer because the experience gained is transferable to air, full-bore and gallery rifle shooting.  You will have a group coaching session, followed by a one-to-one live fire practical course walk through.  This is your first shoot so it wont be rushed or competitive!

Shotgun practical shoot

You will be introduced to a shotgun, and practice loading on the move.  You will then complete a practical shotgun shoot. Similar to minirifle, this involves shooting targets on the move, with a short range shotgun.  The skill is loading on the move, as a Section 2 shotgun can only hold 3 rounds at a time.  This is your first shoot with a shotgun, so it wont be rushed or competitive!

Debrief and next steps

The day ends at around 3pm with a debrief, discussion about probationary membership and next steps to get into shooting.

How to book

Well, you made it this far, so you must be interested! 

Owing to Firearm Laws, you cannot simply turn up and join us on the day!  You must book your place, provide all the information requested in advance of the guest day to become a probationary member.

Don't worry, we will walk you through it step by step: 


Shooting is welcoming and inclusive for everyone, but there are reasonable restrictions on eligibility.  Shooting is a highly responsible and safety conscious sport.  If you have history of any of the following then please talk to us first in strict confidence via the 'Contact us' section:

  • Sentenced to imprisonment (suspended or otherwise, adult or youth)

  • Convictions, Binding Over, Cautions

  • Alcohol or Drug misuse

  • Violence (Domestic or otherwise)

  • Self harm

  • Spent convictions STILL apply to Firearms possession.


Note: Speeding/Parking offences and Fixed Penalty Notices should not affect your application.

Book your slot 

We run 12 guest days per year, booked via our online booking system.  Whilst dates are available on the page, the actual booking slots only open up one month prior to each event, to ensure they don't get booked up to early.  There is a one-off £15 fee for the guest day (reduced to £10 for a Junior).


Complete this online application form. 

The application process will gather personal details and declarations. Once checks have been completed you will be classed as a Probationary Member.


That's it, join us for a fun, safe, introduction to shooting

Arrive promptly on your booked date for the safety briefing which starts at 10:00.  Being late is NOT fashionable in shooting, if you miss the safety briefing you will not be permitted to shoot. 

Minirifle against tree
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